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MAME Arcade Emulator
Download With Easy Installation Instructions For Windows Operating Systems
This is the MAMEUI32 MAME Arcade Video Game Emulator. You need to install this program in order to play MAME Arcade game ROMs.
MAMEUI32_v0.129 Arcade Starter (with 7 Game ROMs included)
Size: 13.3 MB

1. Download the MAMEUI32_v0.129.zip file and click the "Open" button.

2. On the left side Windows panel, select "Extract all files".

3. The Extraction Wizard will appear. Hit "Next"

4. Select a Destination folder. Type in C:\ then hit "Next".

5. When the Wizard is done extracting all the files, click "Finish". The installation is now complete.

6. There's (7) M.A.M.E. Arcade game ROMs included to get you playing now. For additional game ROMs become a AccessROMs.com member, download some M.A.M.E. Arcade ROMs and save them to the "ROMs" folder in your "MAMEUI32" directory. There's NO need to unzip the game ROMs, the MAMEUI32 emulator utilizes zipped MAME Arcade ROMs.

7. Start the MAMEUI32 program by double clicking on the "MameUI32.exe". Select "Available" from the menu on the left to display all the game ROMs.

8. From the Options tab select "Default Game Options".

9. Click the "Controllers" tab and checkmark the joystick input, mouse input (used for trackball games like Centipede), steady key support, keyboard LEDs and digital joystick axes. Hit "Apply", then "Ok".

10. Double click on one of the "Available" game titles in your MAMEUI32 list.

11. MameUI32's default control scheme is to use the [Arrow] keys on the keyboard for directional controls, and the left [CTRL] key as the primary action button. Insert a coin with the [5] key on the keyboard, the [1] key starts the game. The [Mouse] will be used for trackball games. To view or change the keyboard and/or joystick settings, press the [Tab] key on your keyboard to open up the internal configurations menu. Use the [Arrow] keys and [Enter] button to explore the menu. For changes, highlight an entry, press the [Enter] button, then select the new key.

12. Now you're ready to play!

NOTE: After downloading MAME ROMs to the ROMs folder in your MAMEUI32 directory, you will need to do a game audit. In the MAMEUI32 emulator click on the FILE tab, then select Audit all games.