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Atari 2600 Emulator
Download With Easy Installation Instructions For Windows Operating Systems
This is the Stella v2.1 Atari 2600 Video Game Emulator. You need to install this program in order to play Atari 2600 game ROMs.
Stella v2.1
Size: 1.95 MB

1. Download the Stella_2.1.zip and click the "Open" button.

2. On the left side Windows panel, select "Extract all files".

3. The Extraction Wizard will appear. Hit "Next".

4. Select a Destination folder. Type in C:\Stella then hit "Next".

5. Click "Finish" to exit the Setup Wizard. Installation is now complete.

6. There's (3) Atari 2600 game ROMs included to get you playing now. For additional game ROMs become a AccessROMs.com member, download some Atari 2600 ROMs and save them to the "ROMs" folder in your "C:\Stella" directory. There's NO need to unzip the game ROMs, because the Stella emulator utilizes both zipped and non-zipped Atari 2600 ROM files.

7. Double click on the "stella.exe" in your Stella program folder directory. After the program starts up, click on the bottom "Options" button and choose the "ROM settings path".

8. Find the Atari 2600 "ROMs" folder in your "C:\Stella" directory. Click "Choose" then "OK". Stella will begin loading all the ROMs from that folder. Let the program fully load before continuing.

9. Now highlight one of the game ROMs in your Stella program list and click "Play".

10. After the emulation begins, press the "Tab" button on your keyboard. This is where you are able to adjust the game settings and input controls:

Adjust video settings - If you want the full screen mode, put an "X" in the box and hit "OK". Otherwise hit "Cancel" for game play in a window frame.

Audio Settings - Here is where you make volume adjustments, can choose to have sound or no sound, stereo or no stereo.

Input Settings - This is where the keyboard and joypad configurations are made. The mouse will be used as a virtual paddle. Explore the list to view or change the keyboard mouse and joypad configurations. For changes, highlight the desired key or command you want changed, click on the "map" button, enter the new key or command change, then hit "OK".

11. Now you're ready to play!